What am I assigned to that isn't already done (Personal to-do list/My Week)

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Appreciate the feedback!
We have a feature voting mechanism in place here: https://productific.com/go/TuesdaysTools

@hlopezvc I believe you’ve already got your feature request posted there, and it’s under active development.

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@Foobart, completely agree, Monday need to make the My Week section include all the columns of the tasks, allow filtering of everything working live on everything assigned to you across numerous boards in the one place rather than having to go to every board to update the tasks assigned to you. They could also add a project column to allow anything assigned on one board to be completely mirrored on a central ‘your to do list board’ as Asana do and as I have suggested as a needed function below, check it out!

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This is great but its unfortunately just another additional fee for something Monday.com should be able to solve themselves and do better. Why can’t Monday.com just make this already!


That’s why they created the App Marketplace - features that seem super obvious to some would be unnecessary for others. With the App Marketplace Monday effectively expands their development team 10x and we independent parties can solve market needs much faster.

And to Monday’s credit, they have made attempts to solve this with My Week and the like, but some people need more powerful tools. That’s where we come in. https://www.tomorrows-tools.com/

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to let you all know that our product team is working on replacing My Week with a feature called My Work that should include the ability to see only the tasks assigned to you and to choose which columns to filter out. We don’t have an exact ETA yet, but we’re hoping to roll it out later this year, so stay tuned. Thank you so much for your feedback so far! :slightly_smiling_face:


The Monday.com article. Currently in beta AFAIK. Definitely not ready for prime-time yet. Lots of missing features.

@zaneta My Work Beta is currently the most poorly designed Monday.com function to date, it is unusable and unless Monday.com can significantly update it for the below issues Monday.com is going to lose a significant number of customers to products like Asana that offer this function in one clean and effortless list that can be sorted and worked in live. My Work Beta is siloed, messy and unusable. As can be seen by the feedback on this thred, Monday.com users are not happy with this My Work function at all: See & Update All Tasks From One Place - #74 by JohnW

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This feature is basically a watered down version of ToDoist with less functionality. It’s absolutely not what people have been asking for. It might help the most basic user, but for executives, people with large teams or who work between multiple teams, or just larger companies, this doesn’t come anywhere near cutting it. You have multiple pages in this community describing in detail exactly what we need. I see the same functionality described and asked for over and over again, when is this going to get addressed? This makes me glad I only signed my company up for a month to month plan to do beta testing on whether it’s right for us because I’m seriously considering whether Asana would better meet our needs.

I’ve been calling this in our beta test group in my company a Command Center Page. We need a page that is fully customizable like a board, that we can push items to from ALL our other boards and determine what pushes it, whether it’s pushed to that Command Center Page based on it being assigned to you, or belonging to a specific project type, or status. I’m particularly looking to be able to group items on this command center page by Priority/Urgency as it’s for an executive and team who doesn’t usually work with solid due dates, and is working on a huge number of projects at once. If this isn’t possible we’ll have to cut our losses and switch to Asana now before we invest more in Monday.com. Like I said, I’ve seen this and many similar iterations of this, described and asked for all over the community boards, @zaneta Is this being worked on at all at this functionality level??

This is awesome! is it possible to change the view into lines items similar the boards, instead of block items?