What am I assigned to that isn't already done (Personal to-do list/My Week)

I hear you.

The priorities are a bit of a mystery at present. Subitems seem to be the current hot topic. I don’t mind gamification (llamas) of the UI if the core features are bulletproof.

On the flip side, gamification (counting llamas etc) is irritating when core functionality such as this is limited or missing.

Let’s hope Monday.com visibly improves features which users are asking for in these forums in Q2 2020.

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Just saw this thread and am going to give my two cents here. I’m actually utilizing the battery function on my Dashboard as an alternative to see my “To-Do’s” across multiple boards.

I believe it can work by just selecting the boards you have your to-do’s on, subsequently filtering the items by a column value to appear by the necessary parameters (i.e. for Board A, “People = Me”, Timeline = Current + Overdue, ; Board B, “People = Me”, Status = In-Progress)

The only limitation to this is that I can have only a maximum of 10 boards hooked up per dashboard widget, but that can easily be solved by segregating my boards into different batteries. Still a win because this totally checks out for projects that involves multiple boards.

Main point is by doing this, I can my tasks on all boards based on the columns that are, by-nature, used to assign myself to work on it. Am I making sense?


@Julia-monday.com Is there any update on this feature?

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For the record, I’m very on board for this feature being implemented.

In the meantime, I figured I’d offer two possible temporary solutions that may help.

Edit the status of the default blank status on your board(s) and change the title to “Incomplete” or “Unfinished” or “To-Do” (whatever feels right for you). Then you can search or filter for that term. It’s not a permanent fix because it’s not as quick as typing “-Done” or to show everything except the Done status, but it may help if you combine it with the filters and save a filter to show all statuses except Done.

The other temporary help in seeing just your active tasks (which doesn’t require changing the default gray status to have a name) is to use the automations to archive, delete or file “Done” status items when the pulse is changed.

Monday - you’ve got this! I believe in you. Just a simple negative filter would make us cry with joy :wink:


Agreed, this is huge for our workflow. We need our team members to be able to quickly see what items are still open for them to do. Just a simple checkbox in My Week to not include done items, or the ability to exclude done items in the search would solve this.

We needed something like this so badly that we ended up making groups for each person, and having the tasks in a list that way, then when a task is marked as done, we have an automation that moves it to another a ‘completed’ group. We have to do this for each board so It’s obviously not ideal, especially as we can’t set permissions on groups like you can on boards, but it shows how important it is for our users that we’re willing give up various other functionality in order to have clear and ordered to-do lists, at a glance.


We have felt the same pain!

We made a really cool tool where you’ll be able to filter across all your boards for things like owner, status, priority, etc. Excluding done items is a snap.


We have this same need on our team.

What we’ve found is that currently you’re unable to filter items across more than one board. We’re working on tool to solve this.

Subscribe on our page to get notified when it’s available - Tuesdays Tools


Great work TuesdayTools!! Cant believe Monday could not implement this simple feature


Great work! Assume that can also include Due Date?

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@JohnW - yes you’ll be able to filter by Due Date or any other item.

@leepatt - Thanks! We’ve been hard at work on the feature and use it every day on our team.

@Toploader wow! That’s an intense workaround. We’re excited for everyone to be able to use the cross-board filter tool when it comes out on the app marketplace

Here’s my nifty solution to this problem helping users to focus on their immediate priorities across boards.
Get things done App provides a dashboard widget which helps you to focus on items which are going to be due soon across the board. Users can define their own rules specifying which fields to track status and due date. Users can set their definition of done by choosing status column values, these items will be treated as completed hence won’t show in users My Work Items. Rules are specific to the user hence each user can use the same dashboard widget to define their own rules. Idea is to have a place for users to track items which they need to focus on in the immediate future from different boards. They don’t need to toggle across boards to find items which need their attention. Updates of items can be seen by simply clicking on item cards.

Currently we show items to which the user is subscribed to by default. In future releases, I intend to allow the user to pick an owner column and he can choose whether to see subscribed items or not.

Do checkout and let me know what do you guys think

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Hi @vishwajeets

Looking very good! Two questions:

  • Will it show all items or only items where I am assigned to? In case of all items it would be wonderful if you add a filter for user (me only) or even select other users (in case you are the admin) to see their work to be done
  • Can I select all boards in account as an option in the boards dropdown?

Very nicely done.


Hi @basdebruin thank you for your kind words.

Currently it shows items subscribed by current user only, I am adding option to pick a column for owner/assignee so it will be able so items based on user in column instead of subscriber.

Technically you can select all the boards which you have access to but you will have to add rule for each indvidually as it’s possible to have different status/date columns on different boards so need a way to have that mapping for each board. This can be given as an option if all boards have common status/date field, need to think over the possibility.

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@alejencia thanks for sharing a description of your issue - we felt the same pain. Sounds like the TuesdaysTools feature that would help here are saved views. So as the Hiring Manager, they could save a view that only shows their tasks. But also someone managing the whole process could save a view called “Hiring Manager View” and see the board as they would see it. With our tool you can save any number of views and even share saved views across users. Hope this helps! We have a YouTube video above in this thread that goes over these features. There’s a link in the YouTube video description to our subscribe page if you’re interested in learning more.

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@jdesign, @steckinsights @leepatt

Hi all,
You can use 1View app to solve all these issues.
Watch this demo to see how it works and with just 2 clicks you can add it to your monday account easily.
You can read more about this on here.

1View is still in its early stages and send your suggestions, feature requests and bug reports to support@serandibsoft.com.

Thanks for the link, this looks like a terrific app.
I have installed it onto my Monday, however it does not seem to solve this problem. 1View can show you all the tasks im assign to on a specific board, or through a widget on a dashboard (however this is frustratingly limited to 10 boards only).

Is there a way for 1view to show me ALL the tasks im assign to across ALL boards?

thanks :slight_smile:

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@leepatt @basdebruin

We’ve obtained permission from the Monday team to use all boards.
As such, we’ve added the following toggle to the top of the app:

This link should work to install: https://auth.monday.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=39de9f59432a79292284b76de47b08a5&response_type=install

Let me know if you decide to try it out!


Terrific work @anderslyman! Congratulations on getting approval to use all boards - This is a game changer.

Using Tuesday tools, I have easily created 2 new powerful dashboards:

  • My Tasks: Displaying all my tasks, across all boards and all due dates
    _ Overview: All uncompleted tasks for the entire organisation, across all boards

These 2 dashboards are exactly what I have been trying to achieve for years with Monday OOB.

A couple of small changes would make the app even better:

  • Board Link: Currently the board name is just text, if this could link
  • Manage Columns: Hide or re-arrange the columns

Thanks again, really fantastic app :grinning:

@anderslyman i want to make a request too:

  • include guest accounts, i cannot see our collaborators (external- guest accounts) in the filter.