What column types can be shared with 'guests" and via web link?

As a project management team we have a board set up for operations that has tons of information.

I want to have a board that our production crews and team members can access to get ‘next job’ information on the fly.

Main Board (can’t even be shrunk enough to fit everything):

Shared Board:

I have created this “Arrows Production!” board to share and have created automations to create items in this board from our main operations board when a job is marked as “Next Job”. I have several columns that I want to share/mirror from one board to the other. And when a job is checked off as “DONE” it will disappear from the production board.

  1. An item is created in the new when the status of a job is changed to “Next Job!” but I’m not sure I’m setting it up right as I have to go into a box to the right of my Item and select the job. I have disabled the “multiple items” box but it still requires that I select a job from the connected board.

  2. When I select an item from the connected board, all of my intended information populates to the production schedule shared board but if I try to preview the board, or share it, none of the information is visible. Are there certain columns that will not be visible if sharing?

Any help or direction is appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Hi @RandyReed - the reason the jobs are not connected is one of two things. One, when you setup the connection between the boards you did not set it as a two-way connection. Or two, the automation to create the item in the Shared board is not set to do it in both boards. This is an option within the automation


As for the data not showing, when utilizing mirrors, if users do not have access to the source board, they cannot see the data being mirrored. Thus, they would also need to be subscribed to the main board, which I suspect you do not want to do as they would be able to navigate to it and have access to all rows.

A few ways around this, if you happen to be on Enterprise licensing you could utilize item-based permissions to hide jobs from the main board that they should not see.

Two, adjust your process to utilize an app such as VLOOKUP or MIC which removes mirrors from the equation by keeping boards in sync and makes permissions a little easier to manage.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the response. I was able to get the two boards to mirror which if for no other reason, if I can’t get this to share outside of the management team, gives a much cleaner view of what is going on with our production crews.

I do however want/need a way to share the info with the production crews. Currently we keep another document, just a shared Google Sheet with pretty much the same info.

The problem is the time that is spent manually syncing the info. It doesn’t take much time but ever minute counts.

We’ve come a long way in the past handful of month. We had been completely analog for a long time (my nearly 19 years with the company) and have gone totally electronic. The transition went well but I see so many things we can still improve on.

Is there a way to automate an exporting of a spreadsheet out of Monday? Hmmm… time to go learn some new tricks.

Thanks again!


Hey @RandyReed, just thought I’d quickly jump in! At the moment, it isn’t possible to automate the exporting of a board into excel natively within the platform, however the process is fairly simple:

You could look into external integrations to automate the export process, if this is something you’d consider: https://support.monday.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005934989-How-to-create-an-integration-using-Zapier

Another alternative is to create a shareable link to the board. This could work if the production crew only needs view access, as they cannot edit through a shareable link: How to share a board view publicly

Hope this extra insight helps in some way :slight_smile: