What is best practice to manage 50K to 100k items in a board

what is best practice to manage 50K to 100k items in a board

Hi Abhilaksh,

What a great question! There is a plethora of management strategies and monday board structures. What will work best for you depends on your use case and data requirements.

There are three primary management structures:

  • Data Repositories
  • Task Management
  • Workflows (and cross-board workflows)

Is your data static or part of a workflow? Are tasks dependent on each other? How many other people or boards will interact with the data?

The support documentation from monday.com can be helpful in deciding on a framework that meets your needs.

I would also recommend working with a consultant (cough Launch Point), to strategize, plan, build, test, document, and adopt a new monday management practice at your business.

All the best,
Shawna from Launch Point

–If you should want more customized support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@launchpointco.com

Hi , Thanks for the reply. Data is contacts of CRM.
It will be part of workflow. Right now we are migrating from excel to Monday CRM Boards. It is 75K.
Without creating more boards , can we accommodate that in single board. Yes Sales team of 10 people will access the board.

Hello @Abhilaksh,
At the moment, you cannot manage that large number of items on a single board. You will have to spread it across multiple boards. The current maximum number of items per board is 10k but with the new mondayDB improvements, board will be able to handle items up to 100k. These improvements will only come into effect next year.