What's going on with sales? I have been trying to upgrade my account but nobody in sales is writing back to me

I’m wondering if anybody has had my same experience with the sales team.

I’ve been trying to become a partner since January, and I haven’t even received an email back from Monday in regards to my requests.

I’ve recently also submitted a request to upgrade my account from Pro to Enterprise, but once again I’ve received nothing back from them.

I know I’m just on one account, but I hate seeing that I’m being overlooked by Monday.com for whatever reason.

If anybody has advice on how to get in touch with sales so I can upgrade my account, I would REALLY appreciate it. There are some features that I don’t have in the pro account and I’d like to be able to start adding them to my business because my business relies heavily on Monday.com.


Hey @Bastouri - We may be able to help! Send me a note at deb@polishedgeek.com or hit me up on Discord:

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Thanks so much Deb, I’ll send you a message now

Hi @Bastouri :wave:

I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to get in touch with our Sales team.
I’d love to look into this further! Are you able to let me know the email address you’re currently using with your monday account?
Feel free to send it to me in a private message :slight_smile:

I can then take a closer look and make sure we connect you with the right people!


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I had a lot of issues getting in touch with sales as while. We ended up buying a pro account despite them never getting back to me :sweat_smile:

Hey @Chris2022 and @Bastouri :wave:

If you have any trouble contacting our team in the future, please feel free to contact support@monday.com and our Support team will be happy to help investigate or assist you with your pricing needs accordingly!

We are not able to assist with any billing related matters in the Community as it includes sensitive information that only Admins of an account can access/consent to sharing and we want to make sure your data is protected at all times :slight_smile:


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