"When an item is moved to" group not triggering on click and drag

my automation to create a new item on a mirrored board does not trigger (no logs of running) when I click and drag an item into the group noted in the automation.
It does work when I select the item and choose to move it from the menu. So I’m confident this is an issue with automations not triggering when clicking and dragging items.

Any help is appreciated!

I also just noticed that the item’s activity log does not show any logs for moving between groups when clicking and dragging. It does show activity logs when I move it by selecting and using the menu to move to a group (manual). This feels like a bug.

Hi @rumph - you cannot trigger automations when they are moved to a group (this is not considered an item creation). Could you create a corresponding status column to the group and set your automation to move it to the specific group on status change then add on your additional automations you are trying to accomplish?


Disagree with @mark.anley here (does not happen often :slight_smile:)

You can build an custom automation that takes this as a trigger:

I tested it with a simple notify me action. When the item is moved by selecting “move to” in the context menu it works fine. When the item is moved by drag and drop it does not work. There is also another difference: when you move the item through the context menu you get the green bar at the top indicating the item was moved. This is not the case when you drag and drop. Probably that is also the difference why one type of move is triggering and the other not.

I am confident this worked (for both move methods) earlier, so I would contact monday support on this one.


@basdebruin - I’m going to file this one under “brain fart”!

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@mark.anley @basdebruin - Monday.com support got back to me and do not consider this a bug. Events/logs can only be fired for an item if it is modified via the contextual menu.
Clicking and dragging an item does not qualify as modifying an item.

IMO, decisions like this in application development are pretty concerning for many reasons beyond just UX.

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hi @rumph

I was afraid for that answer. I am 99% convinced it trigger on drag & drop before. To be honest: it think the anser you get from support is not telling the full story. In fact the item has been changed when move by drag & drop. If you query the item before and after the drag & drop you will see a different group name in the item object. I would push back on this and maybe @Matias.Monday can shine a light here.

Hello everyone,

I have asked our team about this and I will update you as soon as I have a reply.


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Hi all,

Also just realised that click and drag no longer triggers the automation, which is a bit frustrating as I’ve been using that method for a while now.
Not sure if there’s a way to update it to explicitly include/exclude click and drag to trigger the automation, but it would help.

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Hello everyone!

Our R&D team is working on this.

I will update you as soon as I have news :slightly_smiling_face:


Just wanted to add to this,

Click and drop used to work.

It has broken for us.

At the same time, we have automations when sub-items are completed move item to group. This is now not working.

This was the only reason for us for using Monday and now it’s broken. Very frustrating.

Hello everyone!

I was informed by our team that this issue was fixed.

Please do let us know if you see it happening again!


Can confirm this is now working in our monday.com instance. Thanks for fixing!!

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