When creating an item in group add the item to the connected column in another board

Hey guys,
I need help with creating an automation (or Formula if existing) that would work when a new item is created in one board and add the new item to the connected group in another board.
I’m trying to make a formula that would subtract the sum of one group column from the sum of another board’s group column if that makes sense.

Board Contracts - Group1: amount sum 100,000$.
Board Payments - Group2: amount paid = sum 20,000$.

I need a formula in the Payments Board in Group2 to subtract the 20,000 from the Contracts board in Group1.

What I did for now is connected the two boards and mirrored the amounts from the contracts group and subtracted what I connected to the group.
But the caveat is that if I add a new contract in the Group1 I would then need to add it manually to the connected Board in Group2 which is not really helpful.

hope this is clear enough
thanks in advanced.

Hey @bentmperez,

I am playing around with this on my end and just want to be sure I am understanding the set up for now:

Are you interested to have the subtracted total value display in the summary cell or in one of the items of the group in your payments board? :pray:

yes exactly but this way the problem is that I have to manually add every every contract manually for the formula to work correctly on the all of the contracts and change orders for the client.
so when I add a new contract to the “group1” board I’d have to come back to group2 and add it to the connected boards.

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like our match automations might help you here!

In order to connect that item to another item in your secondary board, you will need to do so by matching values across the 2 boards. Does this make sense?

Do you let me know if I’ve understood correctly!

I was trying to copy this automation but I seem to have the option for the condition: when an item is created “in this board” and neither do I have the “connect” function.
is this normal?

You should be able to search for this recipe in the automations centre, it won’t appear when creating a custom automation:

Are you able to locate it now? :pray: