When date arrives? - how does it know what the date/time is?

I’ve got an automation which says when date arrives (when date arrives at 9pm) but I’m wondering if there is a way to see what the date / time is at the moment because last night at 9pm it didn’t run then automation.

Can I see what the system is set to?
Does something need to be running for that automation to work?

hi @johnners

You don’t need to do any additional things for this automation, except that you need to select a date column of course. By clicking the “When” word in the automation you select the time relative to the data column specified.

You can always check if the automation has ran by clicking the “Automations Activity” button.

Thank you, I’ll monitor the log because I had a report from our project managers this morning that the automation didn’t do anything at 9pm last night, but it seems like it might have done now I’ve checked the logs.

I’ll keep an eye on it - thanks for your help.

hi @johnners

Also keep in mind that is 9.00 AM almost every time of the day, depending where you are in the world. I always remind myself because I don’t drink beer before 5 PM. :slight_smile:

As far as I know the “When dates arrives” uses the Timezone setting from the user that created the automation. It then translated that to UTC (all dates / times are stored in UTC) and depending of the TZ of another user, this other user might experience the automation ran at 4PM because that is what the clock on the wall says.