"When form submitted" in automation recipe

I cannot find the “when form submitted” option in any recipe. It is shown as an idea but I cannot select nor manually insert this. I was in the “when this happens” drop down.

Hello @jane.martel,

How about “When an item is created” automation?
It basically does the same thing as “when a form submitted”. Because when a form is submitted, an item is created and any automation that is set to run when an item is created will run
Also, I have never seen the “when form is submitted” automation

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you for responding. That’s what I’ve been using, and it does work. ~Appreciate your response.

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If this automation doesn’t actually exist it should be removed from your site. I found this on the WorkForms site on the Automate tab. I was :smile: when I saw it, then :frowning_with_open_mouth: when I couldn’t find it.

I’m looking for this specific automation b/c my team often creates new items manually on our board that we don’t want notification emails to be sent for. However, when our customers submit a new item via our request form, we want to send notifications to them (via an email field they will populate) and our team.

For this to work, we cannot simply use the when an item is created option. Any other ideas?


Hello @RuHRoW,

I agree with you on that. Maybe it was included for marketing reasons since it is related to forms.
For your use case, what you can do is to create a “temporary” group which receives any new item submitted through forms and then have an automation to move it to the main group.
So now, your automation will read something like this:
“When a new item is created and it is in this group, …”, where group is where you receive the new items through forms

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, @kolaai! Great suggestion.
Here’s another workaround I found that didn’t require creating anything new just for this purpose. This leverages a dropdown column that is required on the form:
“When an item is created and only if dropdown _ contains one of _ these labels
Just be sure to include all labels for these labels.

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I have been creating forms to go to specific groups, based upon the form, then i use the recipe, when new item created in this group, then …


Thanks for responding, Andrea.

Thanks for this topic.
This is a huge headache for me right now, as it shows this as a automation in the WorkFroms > Edit > Automate dialog

It’s a bit naughty of Monday showing this in multiple places when it doesn’t exist. I also spent time looking for the automation which didnt exist.

I normally use Make.com to trigger automations Monday cant do.

This did exist and it now has been taken away.

@monday-team why was this removed?