When will changes in templates automatically update boards created from that template?

It is incredibly frustrating that when I update my template that it doesn’t update boards created from that template. When is this going to happen? I have over 80 projects that are built off of a template and currently I need to manually update each one when there is a change. This is ridiculous.


Hi @Beesbythesea!

I hear where you’re coming from and understand that there is certainly a need for this feature. I have followed up internally with our product team and will circle back here once I get a response.

That said, in the meantime, I believe that this app in our apps marketplace might work for you?

You can check out a run through here: Bulker App Demo - monday.com marketplace app - YouTube

Appreciate it, but I already have 80 boards built from my template, so I don’t need to create new boards and it isn’t clear if I’m able to add my existing boards (doesn’t seem to work).

My apologies you’re correct, this app is specific for those boards that you’re creating from scratch. That being said, I have heard back from our developer team who have confirmed that dynamic filtering is currently in its planning stages, with an aim to have a release timeline in place by the end of this Q :pray:

Hi @BiancaT
How are we travelling on this one, the reason I ask is because I have to deploy our template to all customer records (folders) and a bit apprehensive about doing this before this change is implemented. Thanks

Hey @Boiker - no update as of yet, but I will follow up and let you know if the developers can share any more details on this :+1:

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Do you know if this app will allow you to duplicate automation rules when a group has been templated out?

Any updates yet?

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Hey Lucie - I reached out yesterday on the status of this development. I hope to have an update by end of week :pray:

Good afternoon, I see this feature request has been discussed in many places for a long time. Has there been any updates?

Hey Blair and Lucie,

I hear you both and recognise the need for this feature. I have chased developers on this and I am afraid they are unable to commit to a release timeline due to a focus on higher severity platform issues and updates - I totally understand this isn’t the ideal response, however please be assured that I will continue advocating for this and relay updates when they’re shared.

Hi there, I’m just checking on the status of this, as I have a number of changes to a template that will need to be carried out across over 20 boards. I’d love to not have to spend hours on this!

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Hey Justine,

I totally understand where you’re coming from. At this stage, I can confirm that this feature is on our roadmap, however I cannot provide a specific eta at this point, you can keep an eye on the status of the feature request via this link → Set Board as MASTER Board (Column Structure, Permissions, and Automations Applied Across Linked Boards)

Potential New User here. Testing the waters today.
One of the first must haves I realized I would need is some kind of auto update project boards based on the standing template. Realized this was not happening and found this thread. Is there some kind of ETA on this?

Hey Lana,

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

As for an ETA, you can find all updates related to this feature on the existing feature request. We recently updated the thread and communicated an estimated release of 2024. We will continue providing updates as soon as they’re shared with us - thank you for your patience :pray:

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Hi, any further updates on this? We want to use a template, but it would be effective for over 2,000 clients, and I need to know we will have functionality to update boards. thanks!