Why does the Link column remove some links?

Hello, I am using a link column in one of my boards to collect LinkedIn URLs. What is happening is after some time some of the links disappear and are blank. Not all only like 20 percent and they randomly disappear. Is this a technical issue or an issue on our side? How to deal with this. To add context, there are no automations or integrations in the board and we add those LinkedIn URLs manually so we are not importing or linking between other boards.

Hey Rue,

This sounds like a potential technical issue I am afraid :frowning: Are you able to check the item/board activity log incase this helps highlight why links might be disappearing? If all potential reasons are exhausted, this sounds like an issue that our support team will need to investigate. You can reach them via support@monday.com - please provide this context and if possible, a screenshot of the item activity log when the link disappears :pray: