Why is clicking in a column to type so difficult?

I am using monday on my mac in the Chrome browser. When I am editing items on a board, I have an incredibly hard time just clicking in a column to type something or select text. This applies to text in the item name column or in a text column. I can click to type, it will show my cursor, and then it will de-select and I have to keep clicking several times and praying that at some point it will actually let me type. Sometimes I am able to select the text, and then it kicks me out of the box before I can edit or type anything. It’s incredibly frustrating as it makes everything I do take much longer than it should. Is this an issue with my browser, OS, or is monday just buggy? Overall, Monday seems to run slowly, respond slowly when I click anything, and behave like my computer’s about to freeze. I hope there is a fix for this.

Hi @ashleyqc :wave:

I hate clicking too :slight_smile:

When I’ve got a lot to fill in like that, I use my tab key to highlight the column I want to edit, and when it’s in the right place, ‘enter’ will open it up for you to type, then ‘enter’ again to de-select and you can keep moving with tab.

Hope that helps!

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This sounds like you have something like an adblocker or other browser extension running that is interfering with your javascript in your browser. It could, and I rarely say this, be some form of malware too. Try turning all extensions off - Install and manage extensions - Chrome Web Store Help

Other thing could be your trackpad has input rejection when typing disabled and your palm is touching it and causing issues.

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