Why not? Monday creates a board by itself with users in the account

Starting from the list of users in the accounts, an automatic Board should be created and/or updated by Monday.com for helping of all those playing as Administrator in the account. For now, you need to export the users list to csv file to import them into Monday, if you want to manage the licenses, for instance.

a) The list of users in Monday

b) example of board created by Monday, account users based

Hi @julio.tobara !

It’s Udi from the product team at monday.com.
Thanks for sharing your idea :smiley:
Can you share more info on how this will help with seats management?
And do you see additional reasons this would be valuable other than seats management?


Hi Udi -

In our case at CMPC, we are 4 administrators in our cmpc-monday Domain. Each one manages a package of licenses according to the business affiliation in the organization. We need to ensure that each Admin assigns no more than his own licenses; further, monitoring for platform using (pe. licenses not being used) and value recovering due to time saved (each operation on Monday supposes a saved time).

Currently, we have to export the user list to csv file, manage on excel and finally import to monday.com for reporting…:sob: … Each time, we have to do it.

For instance, some visualizations:

Finally, this is about Monday´s value for our organization, and result verification. The utilization ot the intelligence of Monday.com on itself could be a great support as a complement of Admin role features.

kind regards,


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Hi Julio,

Thanks so much for sharing all of these details (and screenshots!).
Allowing seats management per area/department/cost center is actually one of our goals for 2023 so we will be working on providing a solution for at least some of the cases you mentioned, and seeing these examples is very helpful.

Best regards,