Work Ticket Examples

Does anyone have a best practice for creating an expandable work ticket? We need to attach a work ticket to each project on a project board. The work ticket needs expandable lists for labor, materials, rates, notes, etc.


Hi @gsieber!

Hmm do you mind saying a bit more about what you mean by “expandable”?

It sounds like you’re importing data from an external platform into an item on a board, right?

Are you looking to expand these items somehow? Maybe it would help to see some screenshots of what you’re working with?


@Helen, What I mean by expandable is that the list of parts needs to be able to expand vertically. Think of it as a list or table where each row has Part Name, Part Number, Cost, Price. Then another section on the work ticket has: Task, Hours, Assigned to, Hourly Rate.

We need to be able to create these as estimates, that become work orders when a customer approves and then attach the work order to a job/project.

I attached a snippet from their existing system so you can see how the list of parts and labor look now.

Asking again on this topic. I am shocked that it is so hard to to this. It seems like a very common use case.


Hi @gsieber!

As this question is not about developing a monday app, or for app developers, I’m going to move it into the regular FAQs section. For future reference, our app development section is reserved for devs who are looking to build their own monday apps :slightly_smiling_face:.

I think perhaps what you have in mind here are Subitems. Have you had a chance to utilize this feature yet? With Subitems, you can essentially nest items within parent items.

Seems like this could help?

@Helen , I think the post is about developing a Monday app. Part of that app is a work ticket. It seems is not capable of meeting the requirement though.