Workflow when different dev teams needs to do same task each?

Situation is this:
We just started with monday.
We have iOS dev team and Android dev team.

When we create a task, say, “Create Forgot Password module”, we need one task for iOS team and one task for Android team. Because if iOS team completes it first and marks the task as “done”, it’s no longer showing for Android team as a to-do.

And often the teams are not working on the same task, so while iOS team works on the task above, Android team might be busy fixing bugs.

With Jira, we had to create all such tasks twice, including all sub tasks, so each time had a task. This also means that all discussion/feedback made on the iOS task would not be seen by Android team and vice versa.

Is there a better way to handle this, with Monday?

I was thinking perhaps two “status” columns, one for iOS and one for Android. But being brand new with Monday, I don’t know if this is a “hack” that has some unforeseen consequences down the line, for example with progress bars, automations etc.

How’s other people handling it, when same task has to be completed on multiple platforms by different teams?

Hey @Danish, thanks for writing in with these questions and explaining a bit about your set up!

I’d love to learn more—are your iOS and Android dev teams completely separate? If so, what would you think about having two boards, with one board for each team?

I think having two status columns would be a perfectly fine idea (you could have a progress tracking column for each team as well and have only the team’s respective status feed into it; having two status columns wouldn’t impact automations). In this case each team could write notes on their specific status by clicking into the corner of their respective status label.

Let me know if this helpful, and I’d love to learn more about how much interaction your teams currently have!

What we use is a separate Epics bord. Lets say the Forgot password module is an Epic (item) which is placed within a group ‘account & login’ along with other epics.

In this Epic all discussion could take place and a proper functiol description could be added via user stories (the subtasks on this board).

Now on a different board you can add a Link to item column. All the tasks created on this board which are necessary to complete the epic can be linked to the epic. This wil give you the possibility to sort and group tasks based on epics. This way both teams can close all there tasks and complete implementation of the epic without taking away conversation or documentation on the epics board.

Thanks for explanation. It’s good to hear that you actually use that system. I will give it a try and see if it fits our workflow as well.

Regarding multiple statues per item, I realized that often a task is finished sooner on one platform than on another, or one platform has some bugs the other doesn’t. So we will just end up with a lot of tasks where the iOS status is “Done” or “not applicable” while the Android status is “Working on it”. So yeah we probably need to keep it seperate, and would like to avoid having duplicate user stories/tasks and duplicate discussions.

@Eltjo I’ve tried to implement your suggestion. Is it correctly understood, that from the tasks board, if a developer would need to read Epic specifications or participate in discussions, they would need to perform quite a lot of clicks:

  1. On the “link” within the link column
  2. Then on the “arrows” next to the epic title, to open the item.
  3. Then on “start conversation”-bobble in the upper right corner.
  4. Then either discuss in the “Updates” tab or click on “Info boxes”-tab to get the specifications.

It seems like a lot. But maybe that’s just how it is?

Also, when you have an Epic on the Epics board, say “Forgot Password module”, do you then manually create and link tasks on the tasks board, one for Android team and one for iOS team?

Hi @Danish, sorry for the late reply, there are a lot of posts coming by in the community.

It seems like a lot. But maybe that’s just how it is?

That’s exactly how it works right now and I have to admit, this is not the most effective workflow you could imagine. Because we ran into the same issue I created this feature request Expand the Pulse Pop-up View (Link to item Column) If this will be implemented step 3 wont be necessary anymore and the information (or updates about the Epic) of that specific Epic will be more easily reachable.

This used to be the case, but Monday implemented the feature Two-way linked with 'Link To Item' column (potential subtask solution)
If two tasks are created, one for iOS and one for android, both tasks should be connected to the Epic. The other way around works now as well. From the Epic board you can create two separate tasks for this Epic, IOS and Android.

Another different way of breaking down an Epic into tasks can be done by creating one task on the Product backlog board, connect it to the Epic (and maybe fill out more column if present) and then copy the item so other tasks can be created. This makes connecting the Epic unnecessary.

Hope this helps.

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