Workforms - Appointment picker widget

We would love to have an appointment picker widget in Workforms with time slots.

hi @Kiwiana77

Just out of curiosity: where did you get this image from? Is that React component? Love the layout.

It is from the which we are currently using and integrate with Monday. It called “Appointment Picker” . It amazing layout and option and i think only Jotform offers such widget in their forms. We are currently using it > when client complete the form + book an appointment (on the same form ::slight_smile: then it sends the date/time to Monday date and time column > Monday automation create an event in outlook calendar. It help to minimize the process of asking the client to register > then send them another link to book an appointment > then they book an appointment. Its a long process. Thats we have decided to use Jotform instead of WorkForms