Write updates via email only registers incomplete emails

I’m using the “write updates via email” functionality with emails that are often part of long threads. Any email has several old emails written below its text, in the same message. However, Monday only adds the bare last message to the item update, which often is just “Adding monday_item_xxxxxx@monday.com for archiving purposes” Is there any way to get the full message imported?
Note that I’m not talking about importing several different emails, but one email that contains the whole conversation in it.

I’ve discovered that some time ago Monday did import the full messages with the whole conversation, not any more.
Other findings:

  • It does not matter if Monday email address is added as a recipient (To:) or CC’ed.
  • It does not matter if the email uses HTML or Rich Text format.
  • It does not matter if the separation line between each message and the next inside the email body is erased or not.

I read that they are making improvements regarding this aspect since a lot of people have similar problems. Of course, it’s not very convenient but I hope everything will be solved.