Zapier -> Find item by

Dear Community,
My first post here, I’m excited!

So, I’d love if I can find an item by some column content, e.g. I can write the ID of another system in a column. Working on my Zaps, I’d be able to update data from other systems to Monday. Why?

We use Pipedrive as CRM. When we mark a deal as won, a process in the company follows. Sometimes salespeople are changing small things in Pipedrive, and I’d love if I can “update” the Monday board serving the process.

I think this would allow Monday to become even more flexible and allow for better connections with other softwares.

If anybody in the community knows how to do that - PLEASE tell me, because it’s going to save me and my team a ton of time, energy and focus!

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Hey @lyanchev - welcome to the community!

To be quite honest - there isn’t a way to retrieve a column value using the Zapier integration right now. We do support updating items, though you would need to predefine the item.

Zapier does support manually running an API query as a custom HTTP call step, but to be honest that would be untested grounds right now.

We’re hoping to support finding column values through Zapier soon, but I don’t quite have an ETA yet.


Thanks @dsilva for the response!
I truly believe you should add Action event in Zapier “Find pulse by…” ASAP.

Hope we’ll get it soon, will help a lot.


This would make Monday that much more useful. It’s the final step to make the boards connect and react with other web apps.