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Dear Community,
My first post here, I’m excited!

So, I’d love if I can find an item by some column content, e.g. I can write the ID of another system in a column. Working on my Zaps, I’d be able to update data from other systems to Monday. Why?

We use Pipedrive as CRM. When we mark a deal as won, a process in the company follows. Sometimes salespeople are changing small things in Pipedrive, and I’d love if I can “update” the Monday board serving the process.

I think this would allow Monday to become even more flexible and allow for better connections with other softwares.

If anybody in the community knows how to do that - PLEASE tell me, because it’s going to save me and my team a ton of time, energy and focus!

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Hey @lyanchev - welcome to the community!

To be quite honest - there isn’t a way to retrieve a column value using the Zapier integration right now. We do support updating items, though you would need to predefine the item.

Zapier does support manually running an API query as a custom HTTP call step, but to be honest that would be untested grounds right now.

We’re hoping to support finding column values through Zapier soon, but I don’t quite have an ETA yet.


Thanks @dsilva for the response!
I truly believe you should add Action event in Zapier “Find pulse by…” ASAP.

Hope we’ll get it soon, will help a lot.


This would make Monday that much more useful. It’s the final step to make the boards connect and react with other web apps.


would be a very nice and important one for our business, using other apps that affect column values in monday boards


I’d suggest everybody to upvote the first post, hopefully somebody at monday will notice it.

Hey Daniel,
6 months have passed now, do you have any good news for the community?

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Hey @lyanchev

Thanks for following up on this! i’m afraid we do not have any news to share on this just yet, and I definitely understand that as far as new features go, the sooner, the better :slight_smile: That said, I’m afraid I can’t shed any more light on this specific functionality within Zapier at the time.

Please stay tuned for future updates!


@Estelle seems that we are not the only ones having this problem :upside_down_face:

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Workaround: Use Integromat for the search feature, and then pass the resulting item id back to Zapier if you prefer using Zapier for the bulk of your no-code automation.

How exciting to see so many people are requesting this feature.

I now have a solution for you how to find items in a board by searching for a specific value in a column.

  1. It’s using the API v2 (API v2 Documentation)
  2. Nice tool you can test your query with:
  3. Use Webhook (POST) in Zapier and retrieve the pulse id(s) that match your criteria, e.g.:

Be aware that this query will return multiple pulse IDs if the “search-by” value exists in the board (selected column) more than once.

Example use-case:

  1. I use Pipedrive as a CRM for my b2b orders. Whenever a deal is marked as won, it’s sent to Monday so that the logistics team can expedite the order. The pulse would contain a lot of data, including unique “Deal number” from Pipedrive.
  2. The issue was that a sales rep would frequently change something on a deal once it has been marked as won (e.g. partner wants to add one more thing to the order). In turn, this created multiple pulses in the board and confusion for the logistics.

Have fun, everybody!



Thanks so much for sharing this! I really appreciate the effort you’ve put into detailing this workaround and I do think it would be a great way to set this up while this isn’t part of the Zapier Zaps just yet.


Search by is critical to be able to use zapier. At the moment there is an action to update column but i find it useless as you must have the ID of the item you want to update. There is no way to automate the search of that id. So can not use that action.
All the search actions you can find in other apps in zapier always include the search by field.


I agree, Elena. Did you try the method I described on Apr 23?

Thank you very much @lyanchev yes I am trying but I am not a dev specialist and i got the error: The app returned “Not Authenticated”. So i am trying to figure out what can i do for that. I see you have the “Headers” field but do not know what do i have to do there :crazy_face:

@lyanchev thanks now i managed the headers and worked but it does not give me back the item id. It gives me an id but it is not the item. The result is “account_id: 895…” :woozy_face: If someone can help. thanks!


Usually, a response without an Item ID with the items_by_column_values query means that you’ve run the query successfully, but there were no item results to return. I.e., no items matched the value you are sending.

That can mean two things at this point:

  • There really aren’t any items that match the value you are trying to look up;
  • The value you are sending doesn’t match the value that the platform stores, and thus it can’t match any items to what you are searching.

If you could provide further detail into the setup here, that would potentially help us identify a way to solve this.


Hi all, our team also very much needs this look-up functionality for our various workflows (especially pulling client and client meeting data into Monday from our booking tool Acuity).

I’m very surprised it’s not built into the Zap.

I’ve attempted to use Integromat instead of Zapier but this was a bit too complex for me.

I attempted to use the Webhook workaround in Zapier but as useful as the suggestions from @lyanchev is above, I can’t get it working. I’m not sure how to authenticate the webhook?

Does anyone have a step-by-step explanation of how to set up a solution to this problem?

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omg, this actually works - amazing, thank you

To anybody asking about auth errors, make sure your Monday api token is in the Authorisation header at the bottom