Zapier/Integromat erro

I’m trying to use this formula to update a text column. Its not working in both Zapier / Integromat. What am I doing wrong?

{“query”:“mutation{change_column_value(item_id:318615859, board_id:316761663, column_id:“text5”, value:”“My item”")}"}

Hey @HannahObz,
I believe it is failing because of the double quotes (") escaping of column_id and value.
Since your entire mutation is inside double quotes you need to escape all the double quotes inside it.

Try using single quotes if zapier/integromat allow it:
{'query':'mutation{change_column_value(item_id:318615859, board_id:316761663, column_id: "text5", value: "\"My item\"")}'}

If it’s not possible just escape all the double quotes:
{"query":"mutation{change_column_value(item_id:318615859, board_id:316761663, column_id: \"text5\", value: \"\\\"My item\\\"\")}"}

No luck with either option :frowning: I got a status code 400 for the first and this error for the second:
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Field must have selections (field ‘change_column_value’ returns Item but has no selections. Did you mean ‘change_column_value { … }’?)”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:10}],“fields”:[“mutation”,“change_column_value”]}],“account_id”

With graphql a selection is necessary, meaning you need to select what you want to get back as the value from the mutation.
If you really don’t need anything just choose id, like so:
{"query":"mutation{change_column_value(item_id:318615859, board_id:316761663, column_id: \"text5\", value: \"\\\"My item\\\"\")}{ id }"}

I’m getting a similiar error.
{“errors”:[{“message”:“Field must have selections (field ‘change_column_value’ returns Item but has no selections. Did you mean ‘change_column_value { … }’?)”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:10}],“fields”:[“mutation”,“change_column_value”]},{“message”:“Field ‘id’ doesn’t exist on type ‘Query’”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:111}],“fields”:[“query”,“id”]},{“message”:“Field ‘name’ doesn’t exist on type ‘Query’”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:114}],“fields”:[“query”,“name”]},{“message”:“Operation name is required when multiple operations are present”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:1},{“line”:1,“column”:109}],“fields”:}],“account_id”:3260785}

sorry my mistake here, I misplaced the curly brackets, try this:

{"query":"mutation{change_column_value(item_id:318615859, board_id:316761663, column_id: \"text5\", value: \"\\\"My item\\\"\"){ id }}"}