Ability to add the same update to multiple tasks

I want to be able to apply the same text update to multiple tasks in a project, but can’t find how to apply this without copy and paste into each conversation fro each task. Would be great to have an "apply to…’ or the ability to do this from the ‘select’ function

hi @AMAAtho

Welcome to the community! Have you tried to select multiple items and then enter the text in a text column?

We use the update field to provide an audit of actions on a task which time and date stamps. So we need the ability to apply the same update to multiple tasks.

We do this as well and I just had to create 102 Updates by manually opening the comment box and pasting in the comments to post the update on each and every one individually. Every other field is able to be updated simultaneously by selecting multiple rows, so it seems like this would be possible. I think it doesn’t work because the updates are tied to the primary/1st column, but it would be great if that could be fixed.

I know we could use a column for notes, but it is much messier and hard to read when you have more than a few words.