About creating a custom board in monday

I want to create a board in monday which is similar to the image below. Its basically a high level table with different columns, each with specific computation of hours which is coming from another source table. For example, under the column ‘Capacity’, it will compute all capacity hours from the source table then show it on its respective month - from Jan to Dec.
sample table

I had a play around with the GraphQL API and basically has a rough idea on how to do it, but it will be outside monday - that is using jquery, Datatables and probably other JS library/plugins. My worry is that if I do it that way, will I still be able to integrate it with monday.com (e.g. create dashboards out of it)? Or is creating a custom app the better approach for this? If it’s the latter, could you please give me some pointers/guidance on where to start? I’ve read some articles about creating monday apps, the monday SDK but is still lost at this point.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Hello there @birizei,

If this is an excel file, you can import the table to a board using the UI directly.

Also take into account that there might be an app in our apps marketplace that can do what you are trying to do.

If you want to use the API directly that is a possibility too. You would need to [create a board],(Boards) then create the relevant columns and then add the column values from your table.

You can do this directly, or using an app. Both solutions should be OK, so it is a matter of preference. You can find the documentation on how to create apps here. In this case, this could maybe be an app with an integration feature.

Once the data is in your monday board, you will be able to create dashboards out of it and do anything else you would like to do just like with any other board.

If the data is not in a monday board, you will not be able to create dashboards out of it.

I hope that helps!


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