Accepted File Types in Files Column to Include PowerPoint

We would like if Microsoft PowerPoint became a supported file type in the Files Column for the pinpointed comment/annotations feature.

Our team builds out communication materials from PPT templates and then send it through a review process. It would be so much easier is PPTs could be attached in the files column for other team members to review digitally and set a record of their comments/corrections/changes. As it stands now, we would have to take an unfinished/unreviewed document and PDF it for review with Monday. PDFing is usually reserved for when a document is finalized and ready to go to the client.

Please upvote this request!!!

Hey @risqybusiness! PPT, PPTX files are supported within the files column, so you should be able to preview such presentations. If you’re running into an issue viewing this file, please reach out to so they can investigate this for you :pray:

@BiancaT Thanks for confirming that PPT/PPTX are supported files. The part that is not supported yet, which is my main issue, is the comments/annotations feature.

I did already talk to the support team and they had suggested putting this topic up on the community forum for upvotes. They will also bring the feedback to the product development team, so I’m sure we’ll see movement on it soon. thanks for checking in though! It’s nice to know y’all are paying attention :heart: .

Ah thank you for clarifying! I am afraid (as you’ve noticed), this isn’t currently supported, but we will absolutely take your feedback on board. As our support team mentioned, please continue to post your feature requests to the forum, we definitely are paying attention and do our best to raise such requests with our product team :slight_smile: