Add attachments to email integrations

I am looking for similar solution too. I need the attachment contained within the “file” column of the board to be included with automated E-Mail sent.

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+1 same here!!! Would be very helpful to be able to attach a file

@Ronk Is this in the roadmap for the improved email features / CRM solution?

Also being discussed here in the context of the API as well - Email integration discards attachments? - #11 by Anderson

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We generate PDF (invoices, certificates, 1 pager-report about one item) with a single-click integration with Eledo. It works perfectly. Quite elegant, in fact … but… no email integration to actually send that file to anyone. It’s a bugger…


Another BIG problem is that to access the link and download the file you have to be previously logged in… anyone notice that??


We’ve recently been working with client with a similar issue. We’ve changed the process in a way that now engineers loads the finished work to a Sharepoint folder where integromat detects the change, creates the tasks with Link to files (a task and subitem per file), we get the data out, populate metadata of the task and once it is done, a deliverable is generated from the task and emailed to the customer with a link instead of a file, and then task is moved to Billing board.

In a nutshell, we’ve avoided Files column due to mentioned concerns and giving a client more file permission control over who downloads what.

Hopefully, it will help somebody. Feel free to ping me for details.

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This really needs to be accounted for, since its a really big set back when using the platform, specially on Finance reports and invoices. The file column should be able to attach files or links to files without requiring or demanding the login process. We understand perfectly this is part of the security on but we really need it to be available on notifications and on email integrations, specially since the onedrive integration simply drops the link away when sending the email.


I would also find this incredibly useful!

I want to use a form as a way of accepting work requests from other departments whose members aren’t on Monday. Currently, I’m using email integrations/automations to send emails to people who submit work requests, providing them updates on the status of their request but also want to send drafted documents for feedback via an email automation, based on a file that is uploaded to the item on a board.

Currently, the only way to do this is to have Monday send a link to the uploaded file, but that requires people to have a Monday account to view it, which we don’t want.

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Hi, this is a so many requested feature.
Can anyone from Monday Team provide any information about?
We have at least 2 boards on standby because of this.


Also needing this feature here!
It would be really useful to solve some points in our workflow to be able to annex documents to automatic e-mails.

This is so really needed. Pleaase integrate this ASAP.

I’m looking for this also, need this ASAP

I just created an email automation to send the client a proposal document as an attachment, but they have to log in to download it. Can you make this optional, or a little more intuitive for whoever clicks the link?

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@monday-team Can any update be provided on this?

There needs to be a simple resolution to allow files to download from monday to non-monday accounts.

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This would be a great addition. As a temporary workaround, I send a webhook to integromat, grab the file, and attach it inside gmail… however… the file that is attached inside the email is corrupted (I can still view it from the board just fine) - any one know anything about this? The file im trying to attach is docx.

+1 to this suggestion as well. Hope we can get it in 2022!

On the same page with @dan-eland. Allowing PDFs to be opened through a link without having to login to the platform is essential for our company sending invoices/ receipts / etc. to our clients. Hoping that this can be resolved.

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Can someone please update this?
We need to know how far is this to be implemented.

@hlopezvc Hey,

Is your use case specifically using automation to send emails which you need to contain attachments? I ask because I know sending emails using the Emails & Activities feature allows for attachments to be included but not with emails which are automated.


Hi thanks for your response.
My use case here is very simple, we have pulses with some equipment maintenance information that is some kind of work order. Every time that a task is done we are now creating an integration via Eledo PDF that creates a PDF with all pulse information (As a form) and this PDF goes to a files column. In another column i have the customer email. So with a button i would like to create an automation that sends the generated PDF file directly to the customer email, with some text for introduction.

With that being said, can i do this via email & activities feature? The attachment process needs to be automated to retrieve the file from the file column where it was uploaded via Eledo App.