Add attachments to email integrations

This year we used Monday to send out our employee goals via email. The goals are in a document file, and so we figured that if we set up an email automation the file would attach itself as a document. What we found is that the document attached itself as a link.

This issue with this is that the employee wouldn’t be able to view the document without requesting access, whereas if it were an attachment, they would’ve been able to see the document.

We were able to problem solve this by using the dropbox attachment, which allows for the employee to simply view the document.

If possible it would be nice if Monday email automation was able to find a way to have the file attach rather than be a link!

Hey @ToriG
Have you managed to solve this issue? I’m facing it as well

I belive the dropbox solution I mentioned is the only way right now, I haven’t seen this solved yet.

It’s a pity.
Thank you for your response

Hey! Thank you for this feedback. We sincerely apologise for the delay in responding. Our team is working on improving our response process, so appreciate your understanding in advance :pray:

That being said, currently this is a setback that our team is aware of and hoping to address at some point in the future, although we are unable to provide a specific eta as of now. As an alternative, can I kindly ask if you had come across our emails and activities app which allows you to attach files directly from the files column?

Hi Bianca, yes I saw that as an option but then I’d need to attach the file to every new lead causing more work and then they also wouldn’t be able to see it if it is stored in Monday and they don’t have an account.

Please update this thread when this feature has been made!
Thank you!

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This is a feature we would utilize to its full potential as well.
There are some other discussions with the same type of topic.

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I second this opinion profoundly!

Please allow us to attach files from the File Column to emails!
Or if not a direct attached file, please allow us to have public links! Why can’t we set Public/Private links in the specific Column’s Settings?

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Thanks for submitting this request and thanks to all those that voted and commented.
I am excited to share that adding attachments to email integrations is on our on our roadmap! Over the next few quarters, the team will be working on improving the Email integrations, specifically with new workflow builder.

Read more about the feature status here and keep sharing your ideas with us. They help us when deciding what to features to work on next.

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That’s great news, thanks!

Hi Juliet.

Thanks for the feedback. Being such a basic yet critical part of the system this should be escalated from roadmap to priority.

If you are saying a few quarters are we saying realistically a year away?



Is there are ETA on this?


I would love to know as well. Very anxiously waiting.

This is something that is desperately needed! Please make it a priority!

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Up vote a million times! This is a much needed addition to Monday!

@AndyClayton - how do you change the attachment from a paperclip icon to a PDF file icon. The file attached looks like phishing email so I am afraid no one will open it.

We need this functionality as well!

Would love this feature too.

I have a concrete use case with this functionality. any ETA?