Adding a constantly updated Excel Spreadsheet as a link

We use an excel spreadsheet that is saved on a shared company drive to track certain parameters in my job and I would like to link to it on Monday. Every method I try seems to force the user to download the spreadsheet despite it being on a shared drive. It is constantly updated and it would be a hassle to have to re-upload it to the project on Monday every time it is updated. Is there a way to link to it directly? Thank you.


I’m afraid there isn’t currently a way to have your excel spreadsheet auto-update your board. However, we can create a live sync to sync your boards to excel - would this help?


Hi @Emily

See also topic Best way to connect powerbi to Monday. When we have a possibility to use as data source in Excel we also have a live connection.


yes, this would help me too, how is it done?

Hi @Emily, this would be super useful for us too. Is it being developed? Thanks!