Adding a custom context menu item by my custom monday app

I wanted to find out if there is a way using the monday apps SDK to add a custom item to the context menu.
This will allow a user to right click on a cell and then invoke my app- and then I can so some custom action with the value from the cell (which the user right clicked on…).

If there ins’t such an option - how would you go about this? (As I need this functionality).
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Hi @bondib,

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I do not believe that this is possible at the moment. While the team may implement this in the future, I would think that it would require quite a lot of work to add this ability.

In the meantime, I would suggest using a status column, and then the trigger When Status Changes to Value or When Status Changes, you can then define your action based on this trigger.

If you are creating a view or widget, then you the user would need to install your app, and then select your view from the list of views for that table/dashboard.

Hi @bondib :wave:

@mitchell.hudson is correct that this is not possible at the moment, but I would suggest trying out the workaround he provided. He’s the rockstar of the community at this point.


Hi @mitchell.hudson and @dsilva and thank you for your quick reply and for trying to assist!

The problem is I would like the user exp to be so that the user has an option to right click on a cell and I will populate the contents of the cell for him from my app.

When status changes means that he first inputs the content - so it’s not the UX exp I’m looking for :frowning:

As this is not supported via the app SDK, I’m wondering if I will be able to “hack” the UI and do some DOM manipulation from my app/ext in order to do so. What do you think?