"Address Book" view desperately needed

Forgive me if you have this function already.
I’m using a few boards as a CRM and have one board dedicated to collecting clients details.
It would be really useful to have an “address book” view. Where by you can organise pulses by letters of the alphabet, much like a directory or contacts app. The letters appear at the top… if you click on one then the “cards” for that letter appear. I have all the data that a contact app would have… it’s just presented badly.
At the moment the views on offer are woeful and the ux is terrible.
Basically if you want customers to use MOnday.com as a crm this needs tightening up a bit.


Hi Barrie
Hope all is well
You should be able to achieve a very similar result using the groups and filter by group
If on your board you had groups setup for A, B, C, D etc and the relevant pulses in them groups
When you add a card view you can just simply use the filters to filter by group, to return just that group
Groups can also have their pulses sorted alphabetically, as can the card view

If you need anything in addition please let me know
Many thanks in advance
Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 09.43.16

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 09.37.09

Thanks for that,

So what you are saying is there is no way of autmatically grouping them alphabetised? So you have to manually set up groups and move the items/pulses to their lettered groups?

I need it done as a view… which sets this up for the user. That would be much more helpful if you want to encourage people to sign up with Monday instead of, say, Pipedrive.

Basically, boards are a database, and it must be in your power to design a view (present that data) like this.

Maybe put it forward for a update?