Are there limits to the number of Table View/client Views we can create?

hi everyone,

Does anyone have any idea if there are limits on the number of views we can create in our boards?

We work with a multiple of clients and we wanted to share them a view of the table to give them visibility of the progress of the project. I’m just curious if the number of views we can create has limitations.

Please advise. Thanks

Screen Shot 2021-04-13 at 5.27.24 PM

Hi @TJ_S - Unlimited views, assuming you have access to the view type. Your usage will be based on which plan level you have whether you can or can’t have a view (for example, Workload). But if you have access to a view under your plan, you can create unlimited versions of it. Remember that clients can see any view on a board that they have Guest login access to.

thanks for answering.

We are just giving our client a table view, hiding some columns that are not necessary to them.
We are just sharing them a link that they can access even without signing up to Monday.

Just like how it’s explained here:

I’m just curious if there are limits on how many we can save and share publicly to our clients.

Thank you again.

Hi @TJ_S - From what you describe, no limits! Enjoy.

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