Automation to make changes to an existing item (Changes - assign person, change status and set date) when a status is changed


I am looking for an automation to make changes (Changes - assign person, change status and set date) to an existing item when a status is changed.

I am using the following two boards:

Automation test - Master
Automation test - Project 1

Please see attached screenshot of each board.

The Master board shows the high level stage of each project whilst the Project board shows the tasks required for each stage.

As each project progresses the Master board stage status is updated to the next stage and then automatically assign the tasks for the next stage to a person within the Project board (as well as change the Project board status to ‘Not started’ and set a date for completion of the task).

Is there an automation that is able to do this? Or a potential work around that is able to achieve the same result?

Thanks so much!