Backup and restore specific data


I’m needing to save a lot of pictures and documents to my board currently and although I’m on the pro plan the 100gb won’t last forever. So I want to start looking into a means of archiving data after a certain period of time and then being able to download it as a local backup. (Cloud backup isn’t required as I have enough local storage.)

Once the item / project has reached it’s end I no longer need it in monday taking up space, but the issue is I must be able to access it for up to 5 years afterwards for certain regulatory requirements.

So I need a way to pull individual item data, including pictures and saved documents (pdfs, etc) from this archive/backup, but without having to restore the entire thing back to my main board filling it up with old / outdated data.

The other complication is it’s a rolling date requirement - so I might have 50 items reach their end, but 200 others still active. So I only want to archive / backup the 50 finalized items and leave the 200 others untouched so if I need to restore that “backup” it doesn’t also include the “active” items that were there at the time.

My thinking is I could setup a filter for a certain date / completion range and move all the items in it to another “Archive” board or workspace. Then Export just that workspace.
But I don’t see that option. It seems like you can only backup your entire account, but that doesn’t include items within the built in achieve.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi Derek,

If you add a “Files Gallary” view, you’ll see all files in that board and a way to export them all (see attached screenshot).

You can also filter files here.

If you combine the filter & the export button, can you solve your problem?
If not, moving the items you want to export to a different board and then exporting all files in that board should work as well.

By the way, I highly recommend uploading them to a cloud environment, because if anything happens to your physical device (if it’s stolen, broken or anything else), there’s no way to restore that data. Cloud storage in Google Drive for example is quite cheap and works like a charm.

Some good info right there!