Batch editing the format of multiple boards


My company utilizes boards to separate clients and field their tasks inside of those boards. We have a little under 20 boards that are all filled with client initiatives and subtasks. Whenever Monday rolls out a new feature or they upgrade something that we want to implement, I have to go into every board and update the group and the subitem manually with the correct format. It gets even worse if we wanted to change multiple fields because consistency becomes an issue as well as the amount of time it takes.


Batch editing of boards would allow for all items and subitems to be consistent and easily customized despite the number of boards. This could also present as a template, master page, or other solutions to make sure that when I want all of the relevant boards changed, I only have to change it one time and it’ll automatically fix the rest of them.

This will also allow for new features to be adopted at a higher rate since people won’t have to spend hours deconstructing their whole workspace while risking inconsistency.

Hey Michael,

Would you be able to give me an example of when you’ve had to update an entire board or group after a specific feature update? I’d love to get a better understanding so I can share this internally :pray:

Hi @ACMichael , I think you can have those items “live” on multiple boards. How about trying our app that does exactly that. Here is the link Link to our App in the Marketplace

Hi Bianca,

So specifically, I wanted to implement the time tracking feature to all items and subitems across all boards, but that meant that I would need to add the time tracking feature to the item, then add it to the subitem, then change boards and repeat this step until I exhaust all 20 boards. That’s 40 interactions with multiple clicks for each action of adding the time tracking feature.

It also adds a level of risk, because if we don’t use the feature, we’ll have to do the same thing all over again just to remove the feature.

Because of that being an issue for all features that come out, I and others might be hesitant to implement them because we can’t do it easily enough.

It also adds a level of inconsistency to our boards. What if we skipped over one board or missed a subitem? Batch editing boards would keep things clean, organized, and fast.

Thank you for elaborating on this Michael! I hear where you’re coming from here and understand that the ability to bulk edit multiple boards would be a much more efficient process.

I’d be happy to raise this with our internal team :+1:

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