Bidirectional linkages between connect board columns unreliable?

Seems to be fixed as of June 21.

I think my problem is flakiness of bidirectional linkages.
Demonstration in my existing boards
Reproduction in two freshly created boards.

I think these links are meant to be set by selecting “add a connected column on connected boards as well” when choosing boards to connect. Even if you’re adding a board to a column which already is connected to other boards. My question below was just confused by the flakiness I’ve since captured on video.

I can’t find a way to control bidirectional connections after a connect board column has been created.

I have a single connect board column on one Board A connected bidirectionally to connect board columns in multiple other boards (B, C). If I link Board B from Board A, I see the connection reflected in both boards.

Now I want to connect Board D bidirectionally to the connect board column Board A, same as B and C.

If in Board A I select another board to connect to, Board D, and check the box to create a new connect board column there, the columns are not connected bidirectionally.

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I think I am having the same issue as you. Starting today, I noticed that the connected boards column is only updating on one of the connected boards. When you link items between boards, the linked relationship is not visible on the second board.

It doesn’t happen consistently, only sometimes. I found your post when I searched the forum to see if anyone else was experiencing the same issue.

I have contacted support, but haven’t heard back yet. I will update here if I do. (Hope you’ll send an update if you hear anything too!)

Reassuring in a way to hear it’s not just me!

I contacted support also and will update here as I hear back.

Hi @ivan.d - I have experienced the same issues with some clients and have submitted an issue with monday on this. I will also send them the link to this thread so they understand this is a widespread issue.


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Hello all, Mike here for the monday team :wave:
It does seem like there might be an issue here and I wanted to let you all know that we’ve gone ahead and reported it to the dev team so they can investigate :slight_smile:

And thank you @mark.anley for flagging this thread for us!

We appreciate your patience in the meantime and hope to have this all cleared up as quickly as possible. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us at I’ll try and keep this thread updated as well but we’re usually a bit quicker over there!



@mikecano Hi Mike - any updates here? We are still seeing general “weirdness” with connected columns not being updated appropriately across multiple environments. As you can image this is causing a lot of headaches for a lot of people.

Thank you,

I was contacted by support and linked them to this thread.

Hello all (@ivan.d , @mark.anley ), hope you’re doing well! Wanted to provide a quick update as the devs have just pushed through a fix that should resolve this issue :slight_smile:

Could you please log out of the account, clear your browser cache, and then log back in? Things should be back to normal though please let me know if you see anything else strange!

I’ll also be replying back to both support threads but wanted to be sure and update you here in case others are following along. Thank you for your patience!

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Hey @mikecano - just tested and its looking good for me. Thanks very much.
FYI - I had these issue happen after I had multi-mirrored columns activated on the account. Not sure if there was any relation to that or not?

Glad its working. Thanks for your help!


Seems to be working here. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! So glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Just a heads up that I’m going to stop monitoring this thread as closely so if you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!

I’m experiencing the same issue with my multi-mirrored columns.

Hi @lindosl - I would submit a ticket with and reference this URL. I suspected there was an issue with the multi-mirrored columns your continued problem validates this thought. Please Cc me on the email and I will assist where possible.


I’ll look more closely to confirm it’s fully fixed for me.

Meanwhile, I’ll re-edit the title to remove “FIXED”