Brainstorming a solution

Could use some input or ideas to solve this.

1-A board to mind dump ideas
2-A column picking the idea category (i.e sales, or customer service, or accounting)
3-Column with a button "Assign).
Based on the category selected, then it will decide which workspace/board this item will be duplicated to or mirrored to or moved to. I would rather duplicate or mirror vs move. But I will take whatever I get.

Thx for any ideas you mind have or thoughts that might get me on the right track.

Hi@SpinningMyHead ,
Create a Board for Idea Dumping,specifically for the purpose of dumping ideas. You can name it something like “Idea Dump Board.” After that Add Columns On the “Idea Dump Board,” add the following columns Idea,Category.Idea column will be used to write down the ideas and category column will allow you to categorize each idea into sales, customer service, accounting, or any other relevant category. You can use a dropdown.

Create a “Button” column, as you mentioned. Name it “Assign” or something similar.
and then create a automation to automate the process of duplicating or mirroring the items to other boards based on the selected category, you can use .
Duplicate Items and Mirror Items.

With this setup, whenever someone adds a new idea to the “Idea Dump Board,” they can categorize it using the “Category” column. Once they click the “Assign” button, the automation will take care of moving or mirroring the item to the designated board based on the selected category.

Hope its helpful to u.
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Thank you for the advice. This is my original thought but clicking a button does not allow you to add more stipulations.
When button is clicked move to Board X
Is does not allow for
When button is clicked and Status column “Category” is “Sales” move to Board Sales.

The board name is static and not dynamic based on the category column

I found how to add the If statement stipulation but the next step does not have a duplicate or mirror option for the other board. It just duplicates in the Brain Dump board.