Can historic data from dashboards be accessed?

Hi there,

I’m figuring out how to build the right CRM for our company so that it meets the requirements of the Sales, Marketing and Customer Relations departments. One thing I’m struggling with is whether or not it’s possible to view historical data in the dashboards. Could you, for example, go back and see what the data for a variety of different metrics looked like in a previous week, month or year?

Alternatively, is there a way to export dashboards so that we keep a record of the insights held with in them?

As far as I can understand, these seem to be live and rolling, and you can’t edit their timeframes to view previous data. Is this correct?

Appreciate any help that I can get.

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Hi Joe,

You are correct, dashboards are a live real-time look at your boards. You can export dashboards by selecting Share, Print Dashboard, and selecting Save as PDF. However some widgets are not supported in print mode, and widgets that don’t fit on the screen will be truncated on the PDF.

You are also able to archive items on your boards for later viewing, either manually or with automations.

Hope that helps!
Monday Mouse Team

Hi @joeteilotaylor

If you have more advanced reporting needs than what monday can provide, I suggest to take a look at the Analytics & Reports add-on by Screenful. It allows to create customised reports from any number of monday boards and have them placed on the monday dashboard.

You can also schedule a report to be generated as PDF daily/weekly/monthly and sent via email to chosen addresses. An archive of generated reports is automatically created so you can go back to any date in the past to see the historical status. You can learn more about the scheduling feature in this guide.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to for more information.