Can't find out How to Add the Sales CRM to my Pro Account?

Hello, I am on the Pro account but can’t find the Sales CRM…only the basic one when looking in the template area?


Hey Aaron! Is this the template you’re looking for?

It should be available within your Pro plan. That being said, if you haven’t purchased the Sales CRM product, this particular template will not be available:

Let me know if this clears anything up!

How do you actually purchase the CRM (or another) product? That’s the question I keep encountering, where is it at to purchase? who can make the purchase? etc.

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Hey @codyfrisch - great question!

I believe this is the article you might be looking for: monday products pricing and features

The article details how you can purchase a product from a trial account, or purchase additional products on an existing account. To confirm, with any purchases on the admin of the account is responsible.

I hope this helps!

I came here because of the same issue as @codyfrisch
I have the same issue, the instructions talk about a “grid icon on the bottom left corner of your screen (right above your profile picture)” As you can see, I do not have that:
I’d like to try the sales CRM features out, but I can’t figure out how without creating an entirely new account

My account when I go to purchase only offers “standard”, “pro”, and “enterprise”. There is no place to pick the other products. I looked at the article about pricing, and I can get to a page which looks like the one in the article showing the products on the left and the 5 tiers to purchase. However as soon as I login, it takes me to my account and the only place to purchase is from billing in the admin section.

This appears to be my case too - though I do have the grid, but no way to try or purchase the add on products.

yeah. @BiancaT, I guess the question is: Is there a way to implement the new products from an account that predates the existence of the new plans? do we have legacy accounts or something? do we need to take steps to go from our current plans to the (same tier) plans that work with the “products”?

Thank you @benbloom and @codyfrisch for this information. I have followed up with our products team about this and will respond with more information as soon as I hear back. Thanks in advance for your patience!

I also encountered this and when I opened a ticket, this is the reply I got from the support team:

“You are currently using our classic infrastructure version. This means that monday products are not yet available for you. I do want to note that our development team is working on a solution to grant you the option to purchase products in the future. While there is no specific ETA for when this solution will be released, our team is working to make this available as soon as possible .”

and when I asked about what the pricing would be when it is available in our account I was told this:

"Great question - so the price for the add-on products depends on which plan tier you purchased for the Work OS, the number of seats/users that need access to the product and if you are paying monthly or yearly.

I’m happy to get this pricing information for you, however, I am not sure when you would be able to purchase products on your current account. The only way to get products is to open a brand new account with us."

Yes - I do believe that this is the reason for why you’re running into this roadblock. While I am still waiting on a concrete update from our developers, it appears that our older infrastructure isn’t yet able to supported the products I am afraid.

As for pricing, this article might offer some more detailed insight: monday products pricing and features

Just following up on this one, as I have had confirmation that if your account is on our old infrastructure, regrettably you will not be able to access products just yet. I apologise for the setback here, however please know that this is something that our developers are working around the clock to implement. I will keep my eye on this and provide updates when they’re shared with me. I appreciate your understanding in advance :pray:

Hi Bianca, I moved my whole account to the new platform as I figured that I was boxed in with the old one! Thanks!

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I am sorry you felt this way @aaronadamson - this has been noted! That said, I am really glad you’re all sorted on our new infrastructure! :raised_hands:

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