Checking number of scheduled events within a date range

Is there a way to check the number of scheduled events within a specific date range? We’re using a board and calendar to manage email marketing requests for a number of different groups within the company. We want to set a limit of 3 emails per week for each group to avoid hitting our communication limits.

Once a new email is approved and added to the calendar, I’d like to set up a way to check for the number of emails already scheduled for that group within the past 7 days of the scheduled send.

What would be the best way to approach this? My initial thought was a formula, but can’t figure out the combination of conditions to use.

Hey Stacy,

Had you considered utilising our board filters to filter to that specific date range? Additionally you could set up a status column to indicate when an email is scheduled and include that in the filter to better understand how many emails have been scheduled within those 7 days.

What do you think?

Hi Bianca,

Thanks for your suggestion. We could check this manually with board filters, but what I’m looking for is an automated way to check the dates every time a request comes through, so that the proper team members can be notified if there’s a conflict. Each request could have up to 3 email sends, so each date would need to be checked. To complicate things even more, we have multiple business units, so we would need a way to add a filter to only check email sends within a specific business unit.