Column Color Shading

Love all your recommendations! Endorse x100!

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Monday is this ever going to happen? Its a no brainer request and a feature set you already support, as conditional coloring exists for cells and rows? Why won’t you institute this?

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So what I’m hearing is that is not interested in feedback from their users to improve their product. Not cool dev team.


Agree with Bennet. The conditional coloring is rendered moot because of the dependencies Monday has set up around default views (main table via notification).

I can’t tell you how much of a UX improvement this would be. Its wild to me it isn’t on the road map. Without color coding, the boards don’t help users work more efficiently.

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Will this ever be an option?

I was shocked when I found out this wasn’t an option - I have 7 teams working off the same board and need to easily be able to identify/update/move columns around based on team needs.

Please get this on the roadmap!

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