Connecting Boards with Automation

I’ve set up a board to track a roadmap of my work at a high level and use a separate board for my day to day to do list. The boards are connected and I tag each to do list task with the higher level item from the roadmap. Is there a way to automatically rollup the status of all the to do list items in a mirror column on the roadmap board based on how I tag them on the to do list? I don’t want to have to tag every item individually on each board.

Hi There!

There is a few ways to do this and can be a bit complicated however if I understand this correctly:

You have a type of task that is associated with a high level roadmap type which you want to connect for tracking of what those tasks are rolling up to.

If this is the case there is a way to do this:

  1. In the Task Board you will need to look up in the automation center the MATCH automation template.
  2. Select the version that looks for a matching value (status is the most powerful) in the roadmap board and connects the task to the roadmap item to a two directional connect column.
  3. You cna then mirror the All Labels Status Column, Earliest to Latest Timeline Column and Maybe even a formula column of level of effort sum (hours).
  4. This then will allow for the connection of items and reporting possibilities.

Let me know if this is something that you are looking for and please reach out for a free consult to go over this and other elements as well.

Looking forward to hearing about your success!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thanks Mike, I did try to use this automation but it says it will only connect the first item. Is there another option that will connect multiple items?

Hey there!

How do you foresee the workflow being processed? Yes this is a one to one for the template however if you have a multi connect selected on the connect column, then it can run based on a trigger that happens on each item. There are different configurations pending how you foresee this workflow occurring.

Feel free to use the link about to get in contact if you want to walk through possibilities!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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