Conversations notification sent to all members

Hello Experts,
First time user here on an enterprise account.

We have one board which we are using as a workflow across 4 separate departments.

An item is created using an online form, for which the user (initiator) is assigned as the creator and 2 other support staff are assigned using automations.

The initiator can be dynamic, i.e., it can be anyone from a team of more than 45+ members, and the support staff are constant, i.e., 2 only.

The support staff “communicates” to the initiator using the “start conversation” bubble. These messages appear in the monday UI or are being delivered to e-mailboxes.

We are good till this point.

Our concern is that anyone who is not specifically “assigned” to a case can jump into a conversation, and can even send and receive messages, which is an absolute nightmare for us, from a compliance point of view.

I am the admin of the account, are there any checkboxes which I can tick/untick or settings so I can restrict conversations to people who are assigned by the automation?

Please help

Hey @Tabish, really good question, and thanks for explaining a bit about your workflow! It sounds like a great set-up :+1:

Have you thought about using the below board permission to limit editing only to people who are assigned and to board owners of this board? Here’s some more information to get started with it: Board Permissions.

Thank you so much for replying.
I have this option enabled already.

My problem is that if someone sends a message in the below “add to conversation” window, all the people who are part/subscribed to the board get an email notification, which for me is a compliance nightmare.

I believe this would require a granular permission settings, which is something I have not found, yet.

The closest thing I THINK would make a difference is in the user settings, as below, I unticked a bunch of options, and now I will cross my fingers and test with the users, HOPING that their email inboxes don’t get flooded with private messages.

Unfortunately, I could not find any help topics / examples on how these options work. :sob: :sob: :sob:


It seems that even with the restrictions, users can still see and reply back to private messages as below


Hi @Tabish - I think the upcoming (but not yet released) Item permissions will help you greatly. While the pilot group is limited right now, perhaps ask your Partner rep or CSM to put you on the waiting list. I believe with good configuration this will address your problem when you can test it out.