Convert columns to updates in new board

Hi all!

I was wondering if there was a way to convert columns to updates (either by automation or integration) when moving an item from one board to another.

I have a specific use case now but I can think of many other applications:

  1. We have a pretty extensive form that has to be filled to complete a contract with our clients.
  2. Once the contract is signed, we would like to move the item to another board for follow up.
  3. We want to keep the info at hand but without having to use the 15+ original columns.

Is there a way to convert all of the info from those columns as a list in updates? That way you can access it but it won’t take up space.



That is an interesting need. Maybe I can help. How do you currently (or how would you LIKE to ) move the items to the other board?

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Hi @JCorrell!

Well currently there is nothing being done because this a new use case for a client (however it’s not the first time I had thought about it)

These are just an example of the type of columns there are in this particular form/board. In total there about 20 columns that make up the contract, but around 16 of those are not necessarily info that you would need to always visualize.

I am setting up the DocuGen + OPSign integration to send the doc to their clients, and after that we don’t really need to keep the item on that board.

What I would like to do is once the contract is signed, move the item to a client history board and just keep a few of those basic columns open (like date signed, phone, email, amount signed etc.) for follow up, however I do not want to loose all of the other data.

I am aware that I could just copy the item to the new board with the columns I want to keep and archive this item as a whole or that I could copy the whole thing and just hide the columns that are no longer “needed” but I was wondering if maybe those columns could instead be converted as a note, document, update or whatever. That way they would be readily available to check, but without taking up space.

Kind of like this example, using the coulmns from the previous image:

That way the “new” item could keep the history of the previous item but in another format.

Maybe this is overly complicating something but I have always thought this would be a great automation to summarize columns and space.

And as a side note… LOVED your formula video, suscribed since I saw it. I know there’s part 2 out and I actually saved to my watch later list. It was really helpful for someone who just doesnt seem to get formulas :sweat_smile: so many thanks for doing that!


Thank you for the mention on my formulas video. I’m glad you liked it!

Assuming that you could use a status column (or maybe a button click) to initiate the process, a custom automation in this form could do what you are wanting:

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Watch Our Latest Video: monday Formulas - Part 2: Expert Tips And Tricks