Create a calendar view for employees way of working

Hello all,

I would really appreciate your help with something! I need to create a form where employees will put their email and choice of work (3 options: Remote, Office, On leave) for each day of the working week (Monday-Friday). Employees do not have access to Monday, so a link must be shared with them to fill in details for each week. The employee should have the option to fill in each day separately or fill in a whole week with the same option.
What I want as a result is to see their results in a calendar view with different coloring (let’s say 3 colors for each one of the 3 different ways of working). For example if Alex is working remotely the whole next week, I would like to open a calendar or a board and see his email with yellow color for the whole next week.
Has anyone any ideas on how to achieve so? I tried creating a form with text inputs and relative areas for each day but the result is not the expected.

Thanks a lot,

Hey @Aggelos_Pap.

Great question!

Transparently, the best way to achieve this given these employees do not have access to monday is through our workforms feature. Using the form they can select the specific day of the week and associated working status using a status column. This is what I had in mind for the board (I’ve only setup monday - wednesday for this example, however you’d add the relevant working days on your end):

The only roadblock is when you start to utilise the calendar widget. At this time, you can only customise the colour using 1 status column, therefor you wouldn’t be able to have colours customised from monday-friday. A way around this would be to set up calendar views for each day of the week, as shown below:

I recognise this isn’t overly ideal and will certainly share your feedback internally, however to avoid employees having to submit a form for each day, I do believe this is the best way forward - let me know your thoughts :pray: