Create a contact in CRM from outlook email received

We use Outlook for email. When we receive a prospect email in outlook is there a way to create a contact in the CRM from outlook? Thank you

Hello @shari kinney

Yes we can implement the solutions and integrate both system like outloook for email to create the all the contact in the CRM , we would like to whole scope of work of this project , and how can i connect to you

Hello @sachinkarma,

you can email me directly at or if it is easier to call me you can reach me at 704-699-6345 (EST) whatever is more convenient. Thank you

Thank you shari

Of course, we can implement solutions and integrate both systems, such as Outlook for email, to create all contacts in CRM. We would like to receive the full scope of work for this project and how we can contact you to discuss details.

In the CRM board you want the emails to update, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select “settings” and select “create items via email.” Copy the address, and add the address to your address book in outlook and identify it as the CRM Board.

When you receive an email from a prospect, forward the email to the CRM Board using the address you have saved. When you do, change the subject line to be whatever you want it to be on the item on the CRM Board (probably the prospect name).

This will create an item on your board, with the email automatically added to the updates section of that item.