Create a tempated "update" in a task


I’m pretty new to and was wondering if there is a way to create a templated “update” in an item. So whenever a new item is added, is there a way that an automatic Update is created in that item?

e.g. When I add a new Item, I want it to already have the following in the “Updates” section or a “notes” section:
Primary keyword:
Secondary Keywords:
Notes to remember:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey Paloma! You could absolutely do this via automations! You can set up the following custom automation:

In the “this text” field, you will add the notes section you mentioned above.

To access your automations, go to the little robot icon at the top right of your board next to the word “Automate”. Then click “custom”.

Let us know what you think of this idea! :blush: