Create Email with Subject

I’m trying to find a way to provide our users the ability to create an email from an item with the to address and subject pre-defined.

I can set column values on the item when it is created. My initial thought was to set an email column to something like: “”

This doesn’t work because even from the API, the system rejects the address as invalid. So I tried putting it in a link column. But, the system forces a “http://” to the front of the link.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi @JCorrell, Jim

Can’t you use integrations with Gnail, like these ones?

Otherwise you need to either build a Monday App or use Integromat to send emails. The link column only accepts http(s): and not mailto:

Thanks for the feedback.

No, Neither of those options allow the user to enter the email body.

What I’m essentially trying to accomplish is to implement a basic ticketing system. Most of the time, the initial contact provides enough information to complete the task. However, our users sometimes need the ability to correspond with our customers to get the rest of the information. We would like to track all of this in monday.

Hi @JCorrell

Ok, understood. What about having an app with an integration to GMail or Outlook with the sentence:

When status change to value (e.g. more info) send mail to this email (tekst column) with this subject (tekst column).

The question is how do you want to enter the body of the mail?

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Technically, yes. I did consider that. And, I don’t really have a good reason for it but I don’t really like it. It just “feels” awkward. But, if I can’t find another way I might try it.

I do suspect that signatures would be an issue. Also, I at that stage of the workflow, I would want the email to be coming from the user that handling it and not a generic email (or worse yet, my email :slight_smile: )

This all seems like a crazy number of hoops to jump through just because monday is trying to save us from ourselves by forcing links to be http and emails to fit their view. To a degree, I can accept these edits at the UI. But I think the API needs to be more oriented to assuming that the “programmer” knows what he/she is doing.

Thank you again for your input!