Create Invoice Based on Time Tracked in Given Period

Current Quotes & Invoices tool is too bare bones for a creative agency with a retainer relationship with clients. It also requires manual creation of each line item in the invoice. Seeking capability for the following functions:

  • Create invoice based on all items in board
  • Create invoice based on all items in board with time tracked in a given period (this month, last month, last quarter, user defined custom date range)
  • Set default billing rate for time tracked
  • Set custom billing rates for different types of work. E.g., time tracked as a Designer = $50/hour and time tracked as Developer = $75/hour. Custom billing rates could be a column, or tag, not tied to the user because one user could do different types of work or have different billing rates for different clients.
  • Option to pull in items from other boards (maybe one client is connected to multiple boards, would be helpful to make one invoice for all items for that client, grouped by board).

@mrautomation - Do you think the planned roadmap for Automated Invoice Tracker might handle all of these requirements, for automatic billing through QBO in 2022?

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
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Hi @tangerine ,

Which tool are you using to create an invoice?

Currently using ActiveCollab.

Hi @tangerine ,

It can be done through custom integration development with ActiveCollab.