Create item every time period - Start Date

There are certain automations that I create to go every-other week on Wed for bi-weekly payroll (Weekly on Wed, every 2). I would want to indicate the start date for the every-other week as this is VERY important. Any time i make a small change to the automation, this will retrigger the start date, which can be frustrating. HELP!

I’d like to second this request. It’s bananas to try to figure out how to create an item every-other week. It makes perfect sense the me, that I be able to indicate a start date in the recipe. I too have been frustrated with figuring out when to create the recipe so the cycle is accurate. I’ve also been frustrated that any edit to the recipe may alter the cycle. As a result it takes many cycles to confirm that I have the automation set up correct and nothing slips through the cracks. It takes a lot of energy and brain power. Any update on this?