"Create Item in Board" improperly triggering automation

Here’s the lay of the land:

  • We have a main “Overview” board which receives project intakes.
  • One of our teams needs specific intakes duplicated onto a second board so they can customize their workflow without interfering with the existing workflow on our Overview board.

Here’s how we attempted to set it up:

  1. Created a second Overview board for team B. Columns match those on the main Overview board.
  2. Connected both Overview boards with the appropriate column type.
  3. Added a Status column to main Overview board to serve as an automation trigger.
  4. Created an automation as follows:
  5. When [Status] changes to [Trigger Value], create item in Overview board B

This duplicates the values from the intake on the source board to Overview board B as intended, but it is also triggering all of the automations on the main Overview board which we don’t want. No automations exist on board B currently, and we don’t want anything that occurs on board B to impact our workflow on the main board.

I’m assuming the automation is actually creating an item on the main board and then moving it to board B, which would explain why automations on the main board are being triggered.

Is this working as intended? If yes, is there another path we can take to automate duplicating specific items from one board to another without triggering automations on the source board?

Could you list what automations are being triggered on the overview board A when an item is supposed to be created in board B.

Specifically of interest are if they are automation recipes you created, pre-built automation recipes, integration recipes (and what integration/app) is involved.

Oddly, the triggers for all of these are different even if they are “When item is created”. So it is worthwhile to know exactly what the triggers are, and if they are from a particular app as well.


Thanks Cody. Two automations on overview board A are being triggered. They are all custom automations, though some of them may also have a pre-built counterpart (I just prefer the custom automation flow to searching through pre-built options).

  • When an item is created, create a board from a template
  • When an item is created, notify x, y, z individuals

One integration automation is also triggered (Slack).

  • When an item is created, notify (Slack channel - custom message)

That is interesting, because I set something up that creates an item on another board and the other recipe I created was the send a notification - and I could not replicate the issue.

So something else may be at play.

Thanks Cody. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence, but I was able to solve the issue by deleting the existing automations on overview board A and then adding them again. I’m not sure if automations fire in sequential order, but now that the “create new item in board B” automation is appearing below the existing board A automations in the list, they no longer fire when we update the trigger value.