Creating a Marketing Guide for Sales Team

Hello! I was recently tasked by my new job to create a Marketing/Appetite guide for our sales team. We are an insurance broker who has access to a bunch of carriers to send business to. The objective is to have a place on which lists the common types of business we see, and which carriers we can submit it to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated since I have not used before.

I have done this before at my last job but through Excel. Essentially I had the names of carriers listed Horizontally and the types of Products listed vertically. When there was a Product that a carrier can consider, I would write “Yes” at the intersecting cell.

Some other key features they would like to see if possible is:

  • Being able to attach specific applications a carrier would need to consider a product
  • Link information from another board which reflects production numbers with each carrier
  • Be able to add notes to products for carriers. For example, “Cannot consider this risk in Pennsylvania”

Again any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi there!

At AXANEXA we do free consults to give you ideas on how to do something like this in and ensure that the custom workflows match!

A couple of things to consider as you plan out your approach:

  • Will there be carrier expansion/updates? (Adding of new carriers and old carrier removal?)

  • Is there a workflow already existing that you want these carriers to originate from?

  • How do you want this data to be reported on?

These are all things we can explore with you. And all of what you mentioned is completely possible and more with this platform.

Looking forward to hearing from you and if oyu would like to talk here is my email to coordinate a zoom!

Mike B
Automation Architect