Creating a new line in a process board from a project step?

Hi There,

I’m trying to create a workflow connecting together process boards and project boards. The challenge that I’m having is going from a Project Board (single client) and Creating a line in a process board, where the Item name is the name of the client.

The workflow (very simplified) is:

  • Line created in sales - customer success board when new customer acquired
  • Status change in sales - cs board triggers a new project board to be created. The order of these steps can be changed around depending on the customer priorities.
  • When a step in the project starts, it triggers a line to be created on process board.

I have created a short video if that helps!

Thanks in advance!


If I understand correctly you are trying to link process to From sales. If this is the case and you are using the same item name on both items, you can use the connect items automations from the automations center. see screenshot below.


Hope this helps.

Let me know if you need further assistance with this.

Thanks Joseph.

We may have crossed wires on this one.

I want to go the other way - after creating a project board for 1 client, I then want to create an item on a process board.

One way that I figured is to create an item on each of the 3 process boards (Process 1, Process 2, Process 3) at the same time that I create the project board for each Client, but I can’t figure out how to trigger the process to start on the Process Boards from the Project Board.

I hope that makes sense to you, I’m starting to confuse myself!