Creating Google Calendar Events from Monday via Zapier

Has anyone been able to successfully create Google Calendar events from using Zapier?

When I pull the data into Zapier, it shows up as the wrong date. All the items show up as 2020-01-01 when that is not the date on any of the Monday items. Example below:


Does anyone know why this is happening?

P.S. I know there is a native integration within, but this doesn’t work for our use case because we need to add a guest to the Google Calendar event, and rename the event. However, if the date changes (which happens ALL THE TIME for us), it creates the Google Calendar event as a new event, so any guests that were on the original event are no longer there.

There is one weird issue with - Zapier integrations. The actual values are not displayed when you do a test of the trigger step. They just show dummy data. However, if you turn on the zap and do a run of it and check the data, the values are correct. This could be the reason.